Remote Clerks Report for July 2021

2021 AgendasAgendas Uploaded on December 28, 2021

YPC Clerks Report for July 2021Clerks Report and Supporting Information for the Agenda
Yarcombe Parish Council Remote Clerks Report 1st-31st July 2021

Finance – Update on current Financial Situation:

Bank account balances as at 31.07.21
Lloyds £443.28
Unity Trust C/A & Instant Access £9,783.17

Cash Book Balance at 31.07.21 (Bank, less pending payments) £10,226.45
Less Ringfenced:
1. Money allocated for P3 expenditure £1,499.87
2. Money allocated for Highways / Village Maintenance 0
3. Election Costs £600.00
Yarcombe Inn Community Project – Illustrated History of The Yarcombe Inn
Remainder of Balance after above Ringfenced monies £7,569.89

Councillors advised of the following payments made on 31st July:

Payment Date Payee Details of Payment Amount
31.07.21 Phil Holness Footpaths, layby, spraying, footpath post repairs 425.00
31.07.21 S-J Martin Clerks Wages 239.20
31.07.21 HMRC PAYE 59.80
31.07.21 S-J Martin Expenses re Information Commissioners Office payment 40.00

Clerk Correspondence received during July relating to relevant issues for Yarcombe Parish Council:

• PKF Confirmed the receipt of our Exempt States DV0396: Receipt of documents – notification of exempt status, 2021 “we have received and logged the notification of exempt status for the year ended 31 March 2021 submitted to us for Yarcombe Parish Council. By notifying us that Yarcombe Parish Council has claimed exemption there is no review to be performed and consequently no auditor certificate and report, or any other closure documentation, will be issued by us for this reporting year.

• June 21 – Email sent to Highways – “Sorry to let you know but those bad pot-holes going up to Stopgate have re-emerged after that bad weather earlier this week. There appears to be water continually crossing the road at that section and I wonder if we need to do some drainage work on the left-hand side (going up the hill), from where the water flows?
Highways have advised “….I am planning on having a look again regarding drainage and the possible installation of concrete haunches, however, this is only workable if there is somewhere for the water to actually go otherwise all it does is speed the flow of water up”

• DALC emailed “Looking forward to 2022, The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will include a 4-day long weekend of celebrations from Thursday 2 June to Sunday 5 June. This will include lighting the beacons, a service of thanksgiving, the Big Jubilee Lunch and a pageant. More below on how councils can get involved in this very special occasion” – Perhaps we ought to start thinking of an event in Yarcombe?

• After the floods the Highways team came out and cleared up through Moorhayne Lane which is severely damaged by the weather and Clive sent a thank you email to our local team “On behalf of Yarcombe Parish Council l would like to say thank you, to you, your team and your contractor for the excellent work clearing up after last week’s flooding which caused so much damage in such a short time. It was all done very promptly, very professionally and in good spirit by Alan and John. This is also very much appreciated by the adjacent residents who depend on, and use this lane on a daily basis and l have been asked by Mrs Ford to thank you and your team for all this work. Thanks also for the sweeper visit, the lane now looks as good as it can be in the circumstances….”

• Email received from Devon Association of Councils advising “As you will know, Covid-19 restrictions are set to end on Monday 19 July. While we may be looking forward to the easing of restrictions, please note that Devon’s Director of Public Health encouraged people to not put themselves at unnecessary risk”.

• We have been doing some work on GDPR and registered with the Information Commissioners Office – £40.00 registrations fee


• Amy Tucker has reported Potholes on the road between Knapp farm EX14 9PB and Middle Stout farm EX14 9LZ near to Williambear Farm EX14 9PB. They’re already been reported on the east Devon website and Highways have advised “This is one of the roads which was added a few months ago to the list for potential Dragon Patching if suitable following the assessment”.

The formal delegation of making and submitting comments on planning applications to the Councillors who attend the site meetings, has been granted to Cllr Tony Long in November 2019. This is due to their being insufficient time before subsequent meetings to bring back comments to the Council for a full formal vote.
Planning Notifications received during the month:

Proposed New Farm Access Track
Hay Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9BQ
Ref. No: 21/1952/FUL | Validated: Fri 16 Jul 2021 | Status: Awaiting decision

Erection of roof over existing silage store
Crawley Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9AY
Ref. No: 21/1812/FUL | Validated: Wed 07 Jul 2021 | Status: Awaiting decision

Installation of a sewage treatment plant.
Stout Mills Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9LZ
Ref. No: 21/1680/FUL | Validated: Fri 02 Jul 2021 | Status: Awaiting decision

Structural stabilisation works to restore the structural integrity of the masonry to the front (north-facing), side (east-facing) and rear (south-facing) elevations.
Stout Mills Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9LZ
Ref. No: 21/1679/LBC | Validated: Thu 24 Jun 2021 | Status: Awaiting decision

Conversion of existing greenhouses to 2 x self-contained holiday accommodation Open for comment icon
The Garden House Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9AE
Ref. No: 21/1334/FUL Status: Awaiting decision

Erection of roof over an existing silage clamp.
Lower Pithayne Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9AB
Ref. No: 21/1000/FUL Status: Awaiting decision

Erection of a roof canopy over an existing slurry store,
Lower Pithayne Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9AB
Ref. No: 21/1003/FUL Status: Awaiting decision

Planning Applications just across the Yarcombe / Marsh boundary:

Sarah-Jane Martin
Clerk, Yarcombe Parish Council
Date 31st July 2021