Remote Clerks Report for August 2021

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YPC Clerks Report for August 2021
Clerks Report and Supporting Information for the Agenda
Yarcombe Parish Council Remote Clerks Report 1st-31st August 2021

Finance – Update on current Financial Situation:

Bank account balances as at 31.08.21
Lloyds £443.28
Unity Trust C/A & Instant Access £9,783.17 £10,226.45
Cash Book Balance at 31.08.21 (Bank, less pending payments) £12,959.95
Less Ringfenced:
1. Money allocated for P3 expenditure £1,499.87
2. Money allocated for Highways / Village Maintenance 0
3. Election Costs £600.00
Yarcombe Inn Community Project – Illustrated History of The Yarcombe Inn
Remainder of Balance after above Ringfenced monies £10,303.39

Councillors advised of the following payments made on 31st August:

Payment Date Payee Details of Payment Amount
31.08.21 S-J Martin Clerks Wages 239.20
31.08.21 HMRC PAYE 59.80

Clerk Correspondence received and on-going issues during August relating to relevant issues for Yarcombe Parish Council:

• We emailed Highways to see if they may consider a weight limit being placed on the lane from Yarcombe up to Stopgate to prevent HGV’s and tractors tearing up the sides of the lane – their response being:
“It is difficult to restrict the movement of any vehicle as they are permitted to use any classification of road for access and deliveries (unless there is a structural weight limit in place – usually on a bridge). It is also relevant that many vehicles are delivering or operating locally, often to/from properties on the roads concerned. Any introduction (or alteration) to a restriction placed on the public highway be it DYL’s, width or weight restrictions requires a formal traffic order to give it legal effect. Adding (or amending) restrictions is not as easy as simply placing signs or markings on the road as these would have no legal standing on their own. Unfortunately, the introduction of any restriction involves a lengthy and costly legal process as a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is required to make them enforceable, the cost of this being in the region of £3-5,000. The time scale for completion is around nine months to a year depending on the outcome from Public consultation, approval of Local Parish & County Councillors and the level of objections/submissions received in regards the proposals, therefore in order to mitigate the cost and time impacts, restrictions are not introduced individually but instead brought in as part of a larger general review. All locations are prioritised and only those which provide the greatest benefits to traffic and to the safety of all road users are likely to be carried forward and regrettably, this wouldn’t come into that category.”

• We chased Sulina at EDDC concerning possible CIL/S.106 payments which may be due to the Parish Council, currently no funds as promised have been received or details of the project/s concerned
• The Blackdown Hills AONB has a proposal for a new route across the Blackdowns called the Blackdown Way. They would welcome feedback and the route and details has been forwarded to all Councillors.
• Helen Mathews is going to plant some Autumn bulbs in the planters on the layby and will also top the planters up in the Spring.
• NALC has emailed – Local (parish and town) councils have been asked to play a part in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by lighting beacons on 2 June 2022. More than 1,500 beacons will be lit across the country at 9.15 pm to mark the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation. Beacons were lit to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897, and then again to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Silver, Golden and Diamond Jubilees, and in 2016 to celebrate her 90th birthday.
• Moorhayne Lane is due to be repaired and the edges of the lane leading to Cornhill.
• The second half of our Precept has been received.
• See accompanying Newsletter from Pcso Darren England regarding Devon Alert,


• Amy Tucker has reported Potholes on the road between Knapp farm EX14 9PB and Middle Stout farm EX14 9LZ near to Williambear Farm EX14 9PB. They’re already been reported on the east Devon website and Highways have advised “This is one of the roads which was added a few months ago to the list for potential Dragon Patching if suitable following the assessment”.
The formal delegation of making and submitting comments on planning applications to the Councillors who attend the site meetings, has been granted to Cllr Tony Long in November 2019. This is due to their being insufficient time before subsequent meetings to bring back comments to the Council for a full formal vote.
Planning Notifications received during the month:

Erection of roof over existing silage store
Crawley Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9AY
Ref. No: 21/1812/FUL | Status: Approval with conditions

Installation of a sewage treatment plant.
Stout Mills Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9LZ
Ref. No: 21/1680/FUL Status: Approval – standard time limit

Structural stabilisation works to restore the structural integrity of the masonry to the front (north-facing), side (east-facing) and rear (south-facing) elevations.
Stout Mills Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9LZ
Ref. No: 21/1679/LBC Status: Approval with conditions

Installation of a Covered slurry yard – Clifthayne Farm Marsh Honiton EX14 9AN
Ref. No: 21/1814/FUL Status: Pending Consideration

Proposed New Farm Access Track. – Hay Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9BQ
Ref. No: 21/1952/FUL Status: Pending Consideration

Replacement oil tank – Ryecroft Cottage Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9BD
Ref. No: 21/0968/FUL Status: Approval with conditions

Structural stabilisation works to restore the structural integrity of the masonry to the front (north-facing), side (east-facing) and rear (south-facing) elevations. – Stout Mills Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9LZ
Ref. No: 21/1679/LBC Status: Pending Consideration | Case Type: Planning Application

Construction of earth lined slurry lagoon – North Waterhayne Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9AX
Ref. No: 21/1938/FUL Status: Pending Consideration

Planning Applications just across the Yarcombe / Marsh boundary:

Sarah-Jane Martin
Clerk, Yarcombe Parish Council
Date 4th September 2021