Minutes for November 2018 Meeting

2018 Minutes Uploaded on March 6, 2021

Held in The Jubilee Hall, Yarcombe, Monday 26th November 2018 at 8.00 pm
In Attendance:
Cllrs N Randle (Chair), L Pidgeon, C Stone, T Wiggins, T Long, S Horner, D Barnes, Ian Chubb, S-J Martin (Clerk & RFO)
Members of the Public present – 1

Cllr Randle welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked everyone for their hard work for the Armistice weekend. He enjoyed the evening

1. Apologies for Absence:
• Cllrs Maggie Tomkinson, Susan Parris and Paul Diviani.

2. Declarations of Interest
• No Declarations of Interest were declared for the meeting.

3. Minutes.
• The Councillors were asked if they were happy that the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 1st October, received by email were a true and accurate record and they were then duly signed.

4. Parish Council Priorities
• Cllr Randle advised that we had had a good year achieving many of the priorities we had set and that at this meeting he just wanted to update the Committee on a few areas.
• The owners of the Yarcombe Inn had been in touch to defend their decision not to take the Tennant. Nick also advised the Loan Sanction had been renewed for a further 12 months and he will write to Mr and Mrs Woods to advise our offer still stands. He will also add that if they want to get the pub open, they ought to accept offers.
Steve Horner pointed out that the Yarcombe Inn Community Benefit Society still exists and will ned some official registration and fees. Nick advised that if we were to purchase the pub, we will need the Society and so his suggestion is that we keep it going. Steve Horner agreed and advised there needs to be an AGM and file with the financial conduct authority. Cllr Randle suggested we ought to support the Society with a grant, so the required funds are available to the sum of £150.00.
Resolved – The Councillors were asked if they were happy that a grant of £150.00 was made available and everyone agreed.
Cllr Randle said we hope they will make every effort to convey the pub. Cllr Wiggins asked if they gave a reason for not accepting these Tennant’s, and Nick advised the owners had said they didn’t think they were suitable and didn’t want the business to close again after a short period of time.

5. Open Session for Public Participation
• Nick asked if the public had any concerns they wished to raise, and Julie Rich was in attendance to answer any questions on the 2 Grant applications which had been submitted.

6. Finance
• The Councillors received the Clerks report on the current Financial Position.
• The payments within the schedule in the Clerks Report were approved for payment.
• The 6-month position in the budget had previously been emailed to everyone and now it is time to set the budget. Sarah-Jane will do the budget for 2019/20 and forward to Nick prior to the January meeting so it can be decided whether we have a stand still position or a small increase in line with inflation.
• Cllr Stone advised we had talked about a small increase to cover works around the village. This will be assessed when we have completed the budget forecast.

7. Reports received:
a. County Councillor
• Cllr Chubb advised the Dragon pothole repairer was due to come into our area soon and that ditching is going on today. Budget setting for the next financial year is well under way but could be blown out of the water, with the Childcare Bill which is phenomenal.

b. County Councillor
• Cllr Chubb reported for Cllr Diviani that the Gardening / Street Scene new depot is now operational, and the new Honiton building will be ready early January.
• Seaton is very much on the up with the Tram, Jurassic Centre and Seaton Wetlands which has just won a Bronze Tourism award. It has benefitted from a regeneration scheme and Honiton and Axminster are next in line.
• East Devon is still doing a fantastic job at recycling – her in Devon we are a “Good Lot” and please do encourage any one who you know isn’t recycling to do so.
• Cllr Randle asked If there were any questions for Cllr Chub:
Cllr Long advised that re ditching, Gigaclear have done a pretty poor job laying cables and the cable is visible in the verges. He advised it won’t be long before someone catches it. Cllr Chubb advised he has heard of roads where the cable is visible. Clive Stone added they aren’t being laid as deep as they should be. Cllr Chub said he would pose the question as to what can be done.
Cllr Stone enquired about door step metal recycling, but Cllr Chub advised it is just normal household waste which is being collected
Clive also added there has been an incident of fly tipping I the village and in the paper, it was up 28%
last year and whilst action had been taken, there were no prosecutions.
Julie Rich also added that why do people go to all the trouble of putting it in the car and not just take it to the tip.
Cllr Chub responded that fly tippers are hard to catch as there are often no address details or if they are, they may not necessarily be that of the fly tipper. Also, that tips may be closed and people rather than take it back home, just tip their rubbish out.
• Cllr Stone, reference Agenda item 7.e asked about the recent round of funding, being £18,750.00 for East Devon and how much could possible be allocated for Yarcombe. Cllr Chubb advised it would generally be that “those that shout the loudest” would benefit the most and that he would speak to Stuart Hughes and that if we can make a list of potholes, he will come back and assess the area with our Highways Councillor, David Barnes.
It was also agreed a further e-voices would be sent out to ask Parishioners to report potholes and road concerns to the clerk in order that we can amalgamate current issues for prioritisation.
There were no further questions and Cllr Randle thanked him for coming to the meeting.

c. Police
• Sarah-Jane read out the letter received form the police concerning the incident in Yarcombe earlier in the year.
• Cllr Barnes advised he attended an event at Westpoint which was attended by the Chief Commissioner and he mentioned to a colleague about no-one attending the meetings. He was advised someone would call him and PCSO Darren England called to advise someone will attend in the next few months.
• Concerning crimes in the area:
Crimes reported between 03/09/2018 and 26/11/2018
“2 Crimes 1 x Distribute an indecent image – Image sent by offender to a known victim – Crime finilised and offender dealt with and 1 x Responsible person fail to prevent the causing of unnecessary suffering to an animal -Unknown offender – Crime filed (badger set).”

d. Yarcombe Community Land Trust
• Cllr Horner had previously circulated the report from the Trust and Clive advised they had interviews 3 Architects and one came across very well. They are now waiting for confirmation that we have the first tranche of funds and that we can then instruct. Cllr Horner noted they had applied for a grant and then they can appoint the Architect. There also needs to be a Topographical Survey and approval sought from an Ecologist to clear the site once verified it is free from endangered reptiles although it was acknowledged there may be bats and door mice.
The next phase of clearance will hopefully be funded by East Devon.

Cllr Randle added there had been persistent effort over many years on this project and it is now bearing fruit – Congratulations and well done.

• Cllr Randle asked if there were any other issues?
Cllr Wiggins asked that following the village tidy up, and not wishing to rely on Georges Goodwill, but could the remainder of the area be also tidied up and could a sum of money be allocated for George to undertake it as what he did has made a significant difference.
Cllr Randle asked if Tony and Clive could obtain a quote from George.
• Cllr Horner reported that there is a Row going on at the Blackdown Hills Parish Network concerning MP’s from Devon and Somerset who have written to CMS (a Department within Devon CC) who are supposed to be pushing for more Broadband availability. Last month, CMS didn’t turn up to an evening organised by the Network to which 14 Parishes did attend. and it has happened again, although Gigaclear were in attendance. The MP’s are getting quite angry about it.

8. Clerk and Correspondence
Discussion / Decisions and Actions required:
• Grit Bins – need re-filling for Winter – Cllr Barnes has a good supply and will go around to check the bins.
• S.137 Grant Applications received:
1. Yarcombe Flower Show – £200.00 for printing show schedules and pre-printed signs to advertise the events. It was agreed this would be provided.
2. Yarcombe and Marsh Children’s Fund – £90.00 to take the children on a trip to see a “Kids Club Film” at the Cinema. It was agreed this would be provided.
3. Yarcombe Jubilee Hall – up to £2,500.00 to build a new back entrance and fire escape. It was recommended the village hall be supported to the maximum of £200.00 and that if we hear of areas of funding became available for Communities, will let the know. Cllr Horner advised he was aware of funding available for Community projects from the Nationwide Building Society and he would forward details.
4. Yarcombe Voice – £200.00 for printing costs. It was agreed this would be provided.
• Following the Marsh resident’s concerns of speed through the village, PCSO Darren England was going to organise a speed gun in the village and possibly, a speed wire could also be put up through the village. Waiting to hear back.
• Consideration of asking the Marsh residents if they would like to participate in “Community Speed Watch” as suggested by PCSO England. Community Speed Watch was mentioned but this had been looked at before and not enough Volunteers could be raised.
• Confirmation that the signatories at Unity Trust have been amended to 2 required meaning a triple layer request and authorisation for external payments and to create an internal transfer and 1 signatory to authorise it. Additionally, the Savings Account Application Form for the new Unity Trust Account was presented and all the paperwork was signed, and Cllr Stone has volunteered to be another Signatory on the account.

9. Planning
To receive and endorse the Planning Decisions of the Council taken since last meeting under delegated authority.
• Current Planning applications were advised to the Councillors

To confirm the date of the next meeting being Monday 7th January at 8pm in The Jubilee Hall, Yarcombe
Cllr Randle advised he will be away and the Vice-Chari, Cllr Pidgeon will be standing in with the back-up of David Barnes should the weather be bad. He wished us all well and a Happy Christmas.