May 2022 APM Agenda

2022 Agendas Uploaded on May 26, 2022






An important meeting which everyone  

who is on the electoral register

 in Marsh and Yarcombe is invited to attend.


Monday 9th May 2022 at 8pm in the

Jubilee Hall, Yarcombe


  1. Welcome by Incoming Chairman
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting 2021 held remotely to be signed
  4. Police Report                        
  5. Retiring Chairman’s Report
  6. Planning Report            
  7. Roads Report            
  8. Parish Paths Report
  9. Yarcombe Community Land Trust Report
  10. Charity Report
  11. District & County Councillor Reports
  12. Incoming Chair
  13. Residents Forum and Open Discussion
  14. Announcement of the Nominees of the John Salter Award and with the presentation to the Winner.


To Yarcombe & Marsh Residents:


Please Do Come Along and raise any matter affecting the parish which you feel, our councils should consider. 


We encourage you to Have your Say and discuss or ask questions, on any aspect of life in the Parish.