Minutes of Yarcombe Parish Council Trial Remote Zoom Meeting Monday 8th June 2020

2020 Minutes Uploaded on March 6, 2021

Minutes of Yarcombe Parish Council Trial Remote Zoom Meeting
Monday 8th June 2020

Clive summarised this is purely a practice meeting to see if this does work and if there are any bugs especially as not all of us have good internet connections.

When we have one of these meetings formally, there are some guidelines to follow kindly provided by Cllr Horner from NALC, such as having mute buttons turned on and raising hands when someone wants to speak.

Clive added “what I would like to do is run through an Agenda as if we were having a formal meeting”:

1. Apologies for Absence

2. Declarations of Interest
No declarations of Interest

3. Minutes of meeting
These will be signed just after the formal public meeting on Monday 22 June when we have shall be sanctioning the accounts and I shall need to sign off the Accounts.

4. Reports from individual Councillors
Cllr S Horner – YCLT
Plodding ahead, still have a door mouse problem and where we shall put them – possibly EDDC will allow them to dwell on the sewage works. Homes England want a huge amount of information but the once provided we can drawdown the final £5,000

Cllr Horner asked Cllr Stone if we had managed to patch David Barnes in? – Cllr Stone responded – “he was going to join by phone”.

Cllrs D Little, C Vining and L Pidgeon had nothing to report

Cllr S Vining updated us on the parish paths and Cllr Long advised there was nothing to report apart from re planning, this being a retrospective slurry lagoon permission is required and one small other case.

Cllr Stone had 3 points to raise as follows:

1.Concerning our meeting with highways re Doing what Matters – is there anything that any of you would like to let me know about that I can take back to Highways?

Cllr Little mentioned the bridge closure over the Yarty which is shortly.

Cllr Long reported the A30 is particularly bad at Crawley Farm. The road is marked up to repair it but if you could give them a nudge.

Cllr Stone asked that if there is anything else that you notice if you could let me or Sarah-Jane know.

2. Volunteers in the village
We have the John Salter Award, but I was thinking about other volunteers in the villages who have done a lot during this Covid-19 time

We could possibly hold a public gathering – if anyone has any ideas as it would be good to do something

3. Payments – postponed decisions until the meeting

Cllr Stone advised that the public need to be advised about the next formal meeting and that should they wish to raise an issue, this must be communicated to Sarah-Jane, no less than 48 hours before the meeting and then it shall be discussed within the meeting by the Councillors.

Cllr Horner added he is very keen to involve the other 2 Councillors, Caroline, and David. Cllr Stone responded that Caroline is hoping to join us for the next meeting.

The next formal meeting will be Monday 22 June at 8pm to sanction the Accounts, followed by our next meeting on Monday 7th September. Everyone agreed with this proposal and
Clive thanked everyone for this practice meeting