YPC Minutes of decisions by email 1st-31st May 2020 due to Covid-19

2020 Minutes Uploaded on March 6, 2021

May 2020 Record of Remote Meetings / Discussions and Decisions
Cllr Stone forwarded and email to be sent with the e-voices as follows:
Preparations for the Yarcombe VE75 Day commemorations on the eighth of May had started to take shape when lockdown came into force. With the continuing restrictions, the current suggestion is that families hold a picnic in their front gardens at 3pm, raise a glass at 6pm and take part in a national singalong of ‘We’ll Meet Again’ at 9pm
Whatever your ideas are for Friday, l hope everyone stays safe, enjoys the day and the occasion, whilst also looking forward to the time the community can get together again to make up for all the events and gatherings that have been cancelled.
As well as commemorating what was a momentous day for everyone in 1945, our thoughts should also include a very special thank you to everyone who volunteered, helped and are continuing to work for the benefit of our community and their friends and neighbours.

Stay safe
Clive Stone
Chairman Yarcombe Parish council


09.05.20 email to all Councillors requesting their agreement to certify Yarcombe Parish Council as exempt from a limited assurance review – “We are able to certify ourselves as exempt from undertaking a full external audit of our Accounts, as our income and expenditure for last year was under £25,000. If we are all happy to proceed, then once the Internal Audit of the Accounts has been completed by, Clive and I can sign off the Exemption Certificate”.

Email agreement regarding the above:
Cllrs S Vining, L Pidgeon, C Stone, C Ford, D Little, S Horner

09.05.20 email to all Councillors asking if they are happy we close the Lloyds bank account and transfer the balance to Unity Trust
Email agreement regarding the above proposal:
Cllrs S Vining, L Pidgeon, C Stone, C Ford, D Little,
There are a few forms to complete by the signatories so I shall defer this until after the lockdown to make it easier.

We need to
– Bank payments scheduled for 2nd June

– Due to us not holding a meeting in May if you have any objections or questions concerning the below payments, please let me know by Friday 29th May.

Date Payee Details of Payment Payment Date Amount
02.06.20 Community First Insurance Renewal 02.06.20 179.54
02.06.20 Sarah-Jane Martin Clerks Wages 02.06.20 233.32
02.06.20 HMRC PAYE 02.06.20 5.20

The Insurance Renewal was agreed in April

Email agreement regarding the above payments:
Cllrs L Pidgeon, C Stone, S Horner, D Little

Decisions on Insurance Renewal:

Agreement received in April to roll the above asset values forward and renew the Insurance if it comes in at less than £200.00. Any higher I will revert – the increase to £200 is to cover the Yarcombe defibrillator which they agreed to add on for free until the end of the year.

The Marsh defibrillator was not installed before the lock-down and Sandra Newton will let me know as soon as it is so we can add it to our policy.