April & May 2022 Clerk’s Report

Clerk's Reports Uploaded on June 8, 2022


Clerks Report and Supporting Information for the Agenda

Yarcombe Parish Council Clerks Report in April & May 2022 for the June meeting



Clerk Correspondence received and on-going issues during April & May relating to relevant issues for Yarcombe Parish Council:


  • Following on from last month’s report received of “three-foot rectangular concrete slabs that fit into the tarmac at the entrance to Drakes Meadow have come loose and can’t be driven over safely without the possible risk of a puncture to car tyres.”, which was reported to Highways, we have received confirmation this had been logged as a safety and was repaired Tuesday 5th.
  • Footpath 19 repair costs to claim from Liberty Couriers – insurance claim – The £110.00 was paid directly to the Parish Council as they had already paid Phil Holness in January 2022.


  • Unity Trust Bank Shaun Vining & Katie Thompson added as authorities. Diane Frost as key contact.  Details

Sent to bank but awaiting confirmation.

  • General Notice of Registerable Interest for Katie Thompson and Matthew Tompkinson sent to Democratic Services at EDDC.





Diane Frost

Clerk, Yarcombe Parish Council

Date 26th  March 2022