Agenda & Clerks Report for September 2018 Meeting

2018 Agendas Uploaded on March 6, 2021


Chairman: Cllr Nick Randle

Clerk: Sarah-Jane Martin
The Belfry, Yarcombe, Honiton, Devon EX14 9BD
Tel: 01404 861234 Email:

To: Cllrs Nick Randle, (Chairman), Lesley Pidgeon (Vice Chairman), David Barnes, Steve Horner, Tony Long, Sue Parris, Clive Stone, Maggie Tomkinson, Tony Wiggins, Cllrs Ian Chubb and Paul Diviani.
All members of the Council are summoned to attend a meeting of Yarcombe Parish Council to be held in The Yarcombe Village Hall on Monday 3rd September 2018 at 8pm for the transaction of business as set out below.
Members of the public and press are welcome to attend.
Signed: Sarah-Jane Martin, Clerk, 25th August 2018

1. Apologies for Absence

2. Declarations of Interest
To receive disclosures of pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests in items on the agenda.

3. Minutes
To sign as a correct record the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 2nd July 2018.

4. Parish Council Priorities
Follow up of Actions resulting from Comments from Parishioners re Highways and Local Concerns. The Parishioners concerns about highways and local matters were discussed as follows:
• Works in Clifthayne Lane have commenced.
• Concerning the grass cutting of the layby and attention to areas around the village – P Holness has been contracted to carry out these works which has been started.
• For other areas in the village needing attention, it was decided to try to get a working party together and publicise this in the Voices. The date has yet to be agreed but we are aiming for September / October. No response yet from the Voices advert asking for volunteers.
• Concerning Hay Lane and potholes – some have been repaired but more needs to be done.
• Concerns have been raised about the speed of traffic through the village and whether we can obtain some “Elderly people / Children crossing” signs. See below re a possible signage option.
• The Taunton lane up to Stopgate has been mentioned as it is falling away at the edges and is a safety defect. Clerk awaiting action from Highways
• There is an issue with insufficient drainage in Rag Lane which causes water to flow over the road and freeze in the Winter. Response received from Highways.
• Lack of litter picking by Highways is a concern up the Yarcombe Hill and we shall continue to monitor.
– we shall keep a list of actions made and revisit on a future Agenda.
• Cllr Long mentioned there are some substantial potholes near Crawley Farm – These have been reported.

New pothole reporting online tool – If as many people as possible can go onto the above link and comment / add voice to what is already there or add new issues it will really add weight if as many of us as possible use it.

5.b Open Session for Public Participation

6. Finance
a. To receive the Clerks report on the current Financial Position
b. To approve payments in line with the schedule in the Clerks Report.

7. Reports
To receive the following Reports
a. County Councillor
b. District Councillor
c. Police
• Email received from PCSO Darren England who is just recovering from a back injury – “At this time myself and Pcso Shelton are working and covering the Town and rural villages. Our current Beat Managers (police officers) are both off sick. I am looking at trying to get out and about in your areas over the following months. One option I have come up with is following the Devon Library bus (I know this was done before). If you have any events coming up please let me know and I will try and come out. I am also looking into parish magazines as another option.”
d. Yarcombe Community Land Trust
e. Reports from Individual Councillors

8. Clerk and Correspondence
Discussion / Decisions and Actions required:
• S137 grants – publicised – possible Victim Support – although there is one in Exeter too which would fit more with Yarcombe
• The only sign which would be allowed in the village is the following “Pedestrians in road ahead” sign.

The cost would be approximately £250 per location and Amada at Highways advised they would be unlikely to slow motorists down. (extra 30mph spacers have been inserted through the village). Decision on signage and response to concerned residents.
• Email received from Pat Bright concerning the information provided on the signage above and requesting a path “Dear Sarah-Jane, Thank you for your email. To be honest I don’t think signs will do any good and it would be a waste of money to pay £500 pounds for the two suggested. What I really want is some thought put to a path either along our side of the road down to the village or a path or stepping stones across the grass on your side so that when we, and the children next door, cross the road we do at least have a safe way to get to a path. That grass is very rutted and uneven (ankles can easily be twisted) and it can be extremely wet giving us wet feet and legs if it is long. We walk along the road now and it can be very scary when a huge Lordy comes thundering up the hill! Thank you for your attention to this so far, I do appreciate it.
• We don’t have ay more “no cold caller” stickers – if we don’t manage to get some from the Police we could mention to Parishioners that they are available to purchase on Amazon.
• The new Communities Together Fund is open for funds over £400 – £30k. 20% of the costs must come from own sources and the project must benefit 2 or more Parish Council areas. The fund is also open to Voluntary and Community Groups. (copy email forwarded to Brian Smith for attention so the village hall committee).
9. Planning
To receive and endorse the Planning Decisions of the Council taken since last meeting under delegated authority:

• Ref. No: 18/0718/FUL – The Linhay North East of Whitehorns Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9LX. Conversion of existing barn for use as holiday accommodation – Status: Approval with conditions.

• Ref. No: 18/1608/FUL – Route 303 Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9ND. Installation of two rapid electric vehicle charging stations, Status: Pending Consideration
• Ref. No: 18/1250/FUL, Ref. No: 18/1251/FUL, Ref. No: 18/1252/FUL – Broadley Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9BJ. Slurry Store Roof 1, 2 & 3, Status: Approval with conditions.
• Ref. No: 18/1069/FUL – Hares Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9AZ. Change of use of land, ground engineering works and erection of stable building and store for private and livery use – Status: Approval with conditions
• Ref. No: 18/0501/OUT – Watchford Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9LZ. The erection of an agricultural/land based workers dwelling – Status: Refusal
• Ref. No: 18/1392/FUL – Peterhayes Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9LW. Detailed application for the erection of a roof over an existing slurry lagoon – Status: Approval – standard time limit
• Ref. No: 18/1701/FUL – Birch Oak Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9AF. Erection of above ground slurry store – Status: Approval with conditions
• Ref. No: 18/1633/AGR – Crawley Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9AY. Roof over existing silage store – Status: Agr Notification approval
• Ref. No: 18/1768/FUL – Peterhayes Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9LW. Replacement of and extensions to agricultural buildings – Status: Pending Consideration
• Ref. No: 18/1772/OUT – Watchford Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9LZ. The erection of an agricultural/land based workers dwelling – Status: Pending Consideration

10. To confirm the date of the next meeting being Monday 1st October at 8pm in The Jubilee Hall, Yarcombe


To resolve: that under section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 that the public and press be excluded from the meeting:

• Discussion about The Yarcombe Inn

Clerks Report and Supporting Information for the Agenda
Yarcombe Parish Council Meeting Monday 3rd September 2018

Item 6 – Finance – Update on current Financial Situation:
Bank account balance £25,392.48 (Lloyds) £464.00 (Unity Trust) as at 31.08.18 = £25,856.48 £
Cash Book Balance at 31.08.18 (Bank less unpresented cheque plus receipts paid in), as at 31.08.18 (Lloyds £24,793.91, Unity Trust £32.99) £24,826.90
Less Ringfenced:
Ringfenced for Contractor to cover:
1. Money allocated for P3 expenditure – £1,986.67 less £1,300/£1,400.00 already allocated
2. £1,000.00 for Highways – £1,000.00
Yarcombe Inn Community Project – Net £13,485.73 plus £1,823.49 rec’d from YICP 15,309.22
Sub Total C/F to remainder of Yr Budget, Grants/Events & Projects Budgets 7,449.43

Yarcombe Inn Project Ring Fenced Donations and Expenses:
Summary of income and expenditure Donations Net Costs
£16,832.55 £1,523.33
Totals £15,309.22

6b – Payments to be approved and made in line with the following schedule:
Date Payee Details of Payment Chq Nr / Unity Trust ref nr £
31.07.18 Sarah-Jane Martin Wages – July 000599 223.41
31.07.18 HMRC PAYE U/T 56221094 55.80
31.08.18 Sarah-Jane Martin Wages – August U/T 707514959 223.21
31.08.18 HMRC PAYE U/T 921951463 56.00
25.08.18 Andy Podbury Works in Moorhayne Lane 000600 264.00
04.09.18 P & J Holness Ltd Grass cutting and strimming around the village U/T 377885012 96.00
01.09.18 Yarcombe Voices Special Yarcombe Inn edition 000601 90.00


Item 7. Reports
To provisionally receive the following Reports
a. County Councillor
b. District Councillor
c. Police
d. Yarcombe Community Land Trust
e. Reports from Individual Councillors

Item 8. Clerk Correspondence
Further Correspondence as follows (for more details and copy emails please email the Clerk):

• Email received from J Buckley at E Devon inviting 1 Councillor from each Parish to a “Working Together for the future of East Devon 2018 conference” taking place in Sidmouth. Please let Sarah-Jane know if you would like to attend or require further information.
• Email received from David at Highways concerning the cleaning of the signs “…both of the Village name signs (and trimmed back some of the vegetation at the lower end one) have been cleaned, the one signing to Howley/Marsh is under Highways England jurisdiction, however, it was clean and looked almost new (not sure if it’s been replaced at some point). The other large signs near Stopgate I was unable to do purely because of its size therefore I have placed an order for works to be carried out by our contractors”
• Email received from David Ashford at Highways in response to edges of the road form the village to Stopgate “My observation was that the road is actually in very good condition albeit one or two sections where it’s clear that large vehicle (more than likely tractors) have pulled in too tight and squashed the verge…and this was also inspected on the 11/07/18.”. Clerk replied with Photos of the edges of the road.
• Email received from East Devon Planning concerning the the adopted Villages Plan and accompanying documents – please see:
• Email received from David at Highways with very comprehensive information from the “Highways Bible” and what can/can’t be done – forwarded to all Councillor’s as a reference document. It refers to action they can take with relation to Potholes, Flooding and Drainage, Land drainage responsibility re low land and water, Ditches, Hedges and Vegetation, Mud, Road Surfaces and Repair, Surface Dressing, Diversion Routes, Highways markings and useful weblinks.
• Email received from Highways concerning the replenishment of Grit Bins. They have asked us to report any issue with them “Following the harsh winter conditions the county faced earlier this year, it has been arranged that Skanska will put in place some dedicated resource during the upcoming weeks to replenish grit bins. Efforts will initially be centred around those areas worst affected and on higher ground, but we are hoping, with the resource available, this should be a fairly wide-scale operation across the area. Gangs will be recording condition of grit bins, if they required filling, when they did so etc. To aid with this, I would ask that you utilise the reporting facility within PIP (link below) to log any grit bins which require attention or send the information to me or Phil Morgan (with location plan/map), at the earliest opportunity. These requests will then be batched together by area and assigned to gangs to fulfil as part of the operation. It will be helpful if you are able to include your name when reporting so DCC can distinguish between public/parish and NHO reports:
• Email received from Cllr Stone asking we contact Highways to see a report on which roads were inspected and a copy of the report and anticipated actions. Completed 28.07.18
• Email received from Thelma at the Baptist Chap to advise that following a survey of the fellowship at the chapel, they are delighted that the Parish Council wish the chapel to receive Tommy’s dead man’s penny and propose a presentation on 21st October.
• Details of the annual application process for S137 Grants published in the next couple of months Voices newsletter and evoices.
• Email received from Phil Morgan at Highways explain the split of the area they work:
“We both cover the County Councillor Ian Chubb area, using the A30 as the split. Dave does from the A30 to Axminister and I do A30 towards Tiverton”.
• Email received to advise the recycling banks are being removed from Yarcombe w/c 20.08.18.
• Email received from the Blackdown Hills AONB looking for volunteers at the Underway Meades Nature Reserve – Poster placed in Notice Board (Combe St Nicholas).
• Email received from Waste Management at DCC who are promoting a “Food Waste Conference” – see the following link for further details:



Sarah-Jane Martin
Clerk, Yarcombe Parish Council
Date 25th August 2018