Yarcombe Community Benefit Society Ltd

                                 Yarcombe Community Benefit Society Limited


The Yarcombe Community Benefit Society ltd was originally formed in October 2018 as The Yarcombe Inn Community Benefit Society to act a corporate body as part of the community`s efforts to save the Yarcombe Inn. It changed its name by removing the word “Inn” on 28th February 2021.

The following persons have been appointed to the Board of Directors and as soon as the formalities to change the bank mandate are complete Clive Stone and Steve Horner will resign


Kate Hart

John Willoughby

Philip Robinson

Helen Freeman

Harriet Said (and Secretary)

Kylie Channon-Durant

The new board will be focused in their efforts to bring improvements to Yarcombe and Marsh villages, introducing new ideas that enhance village life and benefit the wider community. They will seek out and act on popular suggestions from the residents, with the aim of bringing people together.


SJ Horner Secretary




Yarcombe Community Benefit Society Limited

Registration number 7647

A society registered under the Co-operative Benefit Societies Act 2014