YPC Minutes of decisions by email 16-30th March 2020 due to Covid-19

2020 Minutes Uploaded on March 6, 2021


March 2020 RECORD OF Remote meetings /discussions and decisions

Due to COVID-19, on 24th March, the following Proposal was forwarded to all Councillors

Dear Councillor

I had previously drafted a proposal, seconded by Steve Horner, to postpone Parish Council meetings in view of the current Covid19 situation and the non-committal information from DALC.

The government announcement tonight has now clarified the position and we have a valid and legal justification to formally suspend meetings without waiting for DALC confirmation.

I have asked Sarah-Jane to circulate my proposal, which requires your confirmation by an e mail vote please


Following the government announcement 23 March 2020, prohibiting –

  1. Meetings of more than 2 people in a public place ( not quorate )
  2. Leaving home to travel to work, where this work can be carried out from home

The proposal is to suspend meetings for a minimum of three weeks from 23 March 2020

Yarcombe Parish Council will conduct business by email, and this will be restricted to urgent or important matters.  All proposals, votes and decisions are to be recorded by our Clerk Sarah-Jane Martin and these will be our public record.

I request that you confirm your vote, FOR or AGAINST this proposal, to our Clerk and l will then ask her to advise you all of the result of the vote

Subsequently l will ask our Clerk to advise our usual attendees, post notices on our two notice boards &

Advise Miranda and request an e Voices notification



Clive Stone

Chairman, Yarcombe Parish Council


Responses were received by all the Councillors who agreed, FOR, the above proposal.


Bank payments scheduled for 7th April

Email forwarded to all Councillors:

Due to us not holding a meeting on the 6th April, where these payments can be agreed at the meeting, if you have any objections or questions concerning the below payments, please let me know by Wednesday 1st April

6b – Payments to be approved and made in line with the following schedule:

Date Payee Details of Payment Amount
7th April Clive Stone Chair Expenses – annual 100.00
7th April Tony long Planning Officer Expenses – annual       50.00
7th April Peter Tarrant Website costs – annual 35.00
7th April Sarah-Jane Martin Wages Wages 233.32
7th April HMRC PAYE       58.40


 Decisions on Membership Renewals:

28.03.20 – email sent to all Councillors as follows:

Do we wish to renew the BHPN subscriptions and if so how much – they suggest 20-25p per parish electoral role member which would be £84.40 – 105.50.  Last year we paid £95.85 ( £0.23)

Based on 422 people on the current Electoral Register, I think we could pay the dame “mid-placed” amount of £0.23p per person for our Membership which would cost £97.06 – please may I have your agreement?

Cllr Horner commented: “I have attended several meetings of this group and it is well worthwhile, it is trying to bring some co-ordination across the parishes that make up the Blackdown Hills.  It does not overlap with the Blackdown Hills AONB which is more interested in finding frogs toads dormice etc.  I recommend we continue our membership”

For – Cllrs C Stone, C Ford, D Little, S Horner, T Long,

Also, the Society of Local Council Clerks has come up for renewal at £92.00 for the year – please may I have your agreement.

For – Cllrs C Stone, C Ford, D Little, S Horner, T Long,