Minutes for January 2020 Meeting

2020 Minutes Uploaded on March 6, 2021

Held in The Jubilee Hall, Yarcombe, Monday 7th January 2020 at 8.00 pm
In Attendance:
Cllrs C Stone (Chair), S Horner, T Long, L Pidgeon, S Vining, D Little, C Ford, C Vining, S-J Martin (Clerk & RFO)
Members of the Public present – 5

Cllr Stone welcomed everyone to the meeting gave apologies as per the below:

1. Apologies for Absence:
• Cllr D Key

2. Declarations of Interest
• Cllr Stone declared 2 Declarations of Interest in planning applications.
3. Minutes.
• The Councillors were asked if they were happy that the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 4th November, received by email were correct and able to be signed off. No comments were raised, and the Minutes were signed by the Chair.
4. Reports
To receive the following Reports
a. County Councillor
Cllr Chubb circulated some information on Grants/Funds available and what is happening in E Devon in case he couldn’t get to the meeting. This information has been circulated to the Councillors and to Brian Smith, who may be interested in the funds available for the village hall to apply for.
Cllr Stone mentioned that the increase to the car park charges throughout E Devon have been put on hold and Cllr Little added that an all-day ticket costing £2 can now be used throughout East Devon.
Cllr Horner asked what the position of EDDC would be if the sale of the Knowle site doesn’t go through but Councillor Chubb was confident there will be no detrimental financial effect to the Council
b. District Councillor
c. Police
Rob, a Parishioner who is with the Police, mentioned us contacting the Collisions Unit of Devon Police to see if e can obtain some information on the driver’s insurance details so we may pursue a claim for the damaged fence in the village. Clerk to write
d. Yarcombe Community Land Trust
Cllr Horner reported that in November, there was a public meeting at the Yarcombe Inn where the notice plans were cascaded and were well received.
Homes England have granted a further grant which means the Trust has been able to go to the Pre-Planning stage There is no statutory requirement as to when the outcome is advised. When EDDC have commented then the next stage is to apply for full planning.
e. Reports from Individual Councillors
Cllr Horner had recommended that the Parish Council purchase a chip scanner and ask it to be kept in the pub. Cllr Pidgeon asked what it was, and concern was raised over the information which may be in the scanner (GDPR) and funds required / time available. It was decided not to pursue.
Councillor Stone asked if any other Councillor’s had anything to raise:
Cllr Little advised power is now getting to the defibrillator but has been unable to speak with Brian Smith to progress the situation. Clive stated we need to know when Delves are due to come out to conduct their annual service. Cllr C Vining will speak to Helen Parris to try to find out. Cllr added that the new batteries and pads will cost £360 plus VAT.
Cllr S Vining advised he is struggling to get any P3 work undertaken. Cllr Stone mentioned footpath 3 being overgrown and Cllr Horner will contact Phil Holness on Sean’s behalf with a view to doing some work between Shorthayne and Coburns.

5. Parish Council Priorities
o Village Facilities / Amenities
o Update on a Defibrillator in Marsh.
Sandra Newton was in attendance and reported that including the £1,000.00 from the Locality Budget, £1308.10 has been raised.
Sandra has also emailed Paul Haywood for more information and is awaiting a response.
Cllr Chubb advised Sandra to contact Jaimie Buckley (Engagement and Funding Officer) to see if there are any funds left which may be available for this purpose.
Sandra reported that they felt as if they were not supported.
o Yarcombe Defibrillator
Cllr Little reported under 4. Reports:
Cllr Little advised power is now getting to the defibrillator but has been unable to speak with Brian Smith to progress the situation. Clive stated we need to know when Delves are due to come out to conduct their annual service. Cllr C Vining will speak to Helen Parris to try to find out. Cllr added that the new batteries and pads will cost £360 plus VAT.
– next stage was to ascertain if there was power available – Brian Smith to advise
o Larger planter
The Parish Council decided to leave it as it is as there has been no further issues.
o Update on Streetscene grass cutting
Cllr Stone is liaising
o Landmark Trees
Brian Smith has confirmed they may be planted in the car park or possibly the land at the side.
If we are successful, they must be planted “in a prominent and publicly accessible place in your parish”. Additionally, the planting is to be promoted as a commemorative planting ceremony to recognise the loss of ash trees through ash dieback and do something positive in response for our environment.

o Highways
o Options for speed indicator signage including hire (response from Ian Chubb re DCC speed camera) and £250 phone sized to purchase option.
Who would operate it was raised and what would we do with the information? It was agreed this issue has been fought for many years without a solution
Cllr Chubb mentioned that a Council in Somerset is being sued under GDPR for gathering information. He mentioned he could ask Stuart Hughes for the installation of a movable speed camera which could be used throughout EDDC.
Community Speed Watch was also mentioned where locals volunteer to use Police equipment. We shall leave this on the Agenda for future consideration.
o Damaged fence due to accident
Mentioned under 4. Reports – Clerk to email the Collisions Unit

o Additional Items
o Review of Standing Orders
Clerk to forward copy of Current Standing Orders to all Councillors.

6. Open Session for Public Participation
Subjects of concern were covered in S 5. Parish Council Priorities

7. Finance
• The Councillors received the Clerks report on the current Financial Position by email
• A discussion on the Precept and budget was held and it was agreed to increase the Precept by 3.5% this year. The reason for this increase is the costs which are to be incurred on the Yarcombe Defibrillator.

8. Clerk and Correspondence – Discussion / Decisions and Actions required:
• £250 hand-held speed camera – phone sized as discussed above
It was decided not to pursue and consider instead the Community Speed Watch
• Being a good Councillor Course – any dates available for Caroline?
None currently in Honiton, Clerk as diarised to look again in a couple of months
• First aid training – Buckland St Mary offering to Parishioners, Clerk emailed ABC Response for more details AS Helen Paris reported it was brilliant. £50pp including course hand-outs. Possibly consider a £25.00 contribution from those that with to attend which would also secure attendance?
It was agreed to arrange the course for Parishioners and Councillors and request a £25.00 contribution from everyone to attend. Clerk to gather some dates from the Course provider and let everyone know.
• Acknowledgement of the decision made via emails to apply for the Devon Free Tree Scheme re ash die back, where YPC can get two ‘landmark trees’ for planting in publicly accessible areas. The cut off was 6th January so we needed to apply in between the meetings. Acknowledgement of our application had been received.
• Application made for Locality Funding £1,000 re Marsh Defibrillator
Cllr Chubb advised this evening this was successful, and the funds should be in our bank account within a week/two.
• Applications received from local Organisations through the S.127 grant funding scheme:
The Village Hall for £200.00 for hall car park lighting
The Yarcombe Flower Show for £200.00 towards printing schedules, certificates, seeds for exhibitors and chocolate treats for children entrants.
The Yarcombe and Marsh Children’s Fund for £200.00 to take the children to the Cinema or the Beehive
There is also another imminent application from the Yarcombe Voices for funding for the printing of the Voices.
It was agreed to award the above 4 organisations £100.00 each, a reduced amount this year due to an increase in other costs.
• Additionally, it was decided that due to us placing a lot of work on Miranda Gudenian and the Voices annually, we shall also pay the Voices £100.00 every February.

9. Planning
To receive and endorse the Planning Decisions of the Council taken since last meeting under delegated authority.

Cllr Long reported on the current planning applications and it was discussed that there is a requirement for a formal letter to be drafted concerning a recent decision by the EDDC Planning Department. Cllr Long to draft the letter and email the Clerk for it to be placed on YPC letterhead.

Another letter is to be drafted and forwarded to the Clerk to send to a planning applicant

With no more comments or questions from the Councillors, Cllr Stone called the meeting to a close at 8.55pm.

To confirm the date of the next meeting being Monday 3rd February at 8pm at the Village Hall, Yarcombe