Minutes for January 2018 Meeting

2018 Minutes Uploaded on March 6, 2021

Held in The Jubilee Hall, Yarcombe, Tuesday 9th January 2018 at 8.00 pm
In Attendance:
Cllrs N Randle (Chair), L Pidgeon, D Barnes, S Parris, C Stone, A Long, S-J Martin (Clerk & RFO)
Members of the Public present – 0

1. Apologies for Absence:
Cllrs Steve Horner, Tony Wiggins, Maggie Tomkinson

2. Declarations of Interest
Cllr L Pidged declared an interest in a current planning decision by her Nephew – form to be completed next month and Cllr Stone declared an interest in receiving an expense receipt which was acknowledged, and no form is required to be completed.

3. Minutes.
The Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 27th November 2017 were approved and signed as a true and accurate record together with the Minutes from 2nd October 2017.

4. Open Session for Public Participation.
No members of the public were present.

5. Parish Council Priorities
The topic of Community Engagement is postponed until the February meeting when a glass of wine will be offered.

6. Finance
a. The Clerks report, previously distributed detailed the current Financial Position
b. Payments within the schedule in the Clerks Report were approved:

Date Payee Details of Payment Chq Nr £
30.12.17 Sarah-Jane Martin Clerks Wages 562 202.72
30.12.17 HMRC PAYE 563 50.60
30.12.17 DaCCWA Neighbourhood Watch Signs 564 40.00
05.01.18 Mr C Stone Gabions for Ditches and Dykes 565 121.03
05.01.18 BHPN Membership 566 82.80

C. The Budget was reviewed in preparation for submitting our Precept requirements.
• It was decided to increase the Precept by 3% in line with the increase in inflation and because it was not increased in 2016-2017 financial year.
• It was decided to allocate £1,000.00 from the current Parish Council balances to ditches/dykes and general maintenance. The priority of where to spend these monies will be discussed in the February meeting.

7. Reports received:
– County Councillor – no report received
– District Councillor – no report received
– Police
A crime report was received for between 26/11/17 – 07/01/2018
07/01/2018 Assault – Male offender has assaulted female Victim. Not stranger.
07/01/2018 Criminal damage – (linked to above crime) Male offender has caused damaged to victims mobile phone.

– Yarcombe Community Land Trust – no report received
– Reports from Individual Councillors
• Cllr Clive Stone asked what would happened to the donation of the £1,000.00 from the locality budget from Cllr Ina Chub should the Parish Council not be successful in purchasing the pub and it was suggested it could go towards a flashing speed sign. This is thought though to cost considerably more than £1,000.00.
• Cllr Maggie Tomkinson advised in her absence” Nothing to report on parish paths. Some more work needs to be done in clearing after the storms, but we have the budget and as I remember the council agreed that smaller works like this could just go ahead so unless I hear differently I will speak to George about doing this”.
Resolved – If some of the work that now needs to be done, falls out of the current contract we need some more details – Clerk to email Cllr Tomkinson for a report at the next meeting.
• Cllr Barnes agrees the Council is right in it’s decision that a Stop sign in March is not required. Cllr Barnes also reported that the “No HGV signs” have been placed in Marsh as requested.
• Cllr Pidgeon has been asked by Margaret Little if something can be done to make the pole near the path at the top of their garden safer. It has been suggested that some fluorescent tape is placed around the pole.
Resolved – Clerk to contact BT advising of the Health and Safety issue and request some fluorescent tape to be placed around it.
• Cllr Stone reported on the progress of installing a Gabion in the ditch in Moorhayne Lane and a quote has been provided for flooding repair / prevention work at Rosshayne Mead at £650 plus VAT from Andy Podbury. This quote will be used to apply for the new Parishes Together Fund. Cllr Stone also reported he will be attending the Blackdown Hills Parish Network annual meeting on the 18th January.
• Cllr Long advised that in connection with the email from Brendon Taylor concerning the A30 through the woods:
– There is a blocked drain on the A30 approaching Yarcombe Village from the A303 on the left-hand side.
– A set of Chevrons and bollards have been knocked over in the accidents over the last couple of
Resolved – Clerk to email Highways to replace and if funds an issue, claim through drivers insurance.
• Cllr Randle asked if anyone had been offered some compensation from BT Openreach for the loss of interest caused by one/two of the accidents. Cllr Randle advise he is happy to write to BT Openreach to pursue for the Community
– The Clerks Report
• To pass a resolution to open the account with The Unity Bank and Transfer the Account from Lloyds
This was agreed with no objections.
• To sign the Account Transfer request in accordance with the Lloyds Signatories required and obtain copy signatures – signed by Cllrs Nick Randle and Lesley Pidgeon. Clerk to email Cllr Horner for his signatures.
• Sign cheque of £500.00 payable to Yarcombe Parish Council being the initial deposit at The Unity Trust Bank.
• To discuss the email received from Brendon Taylor of Mount Pleasant at the top of Yarcombe Hill with regards to concerns to the safety.
A major issue was a pedestrian coming out of a footpath onto the main road and was in collision with a car. There could be a mirror placed at the end of the foot path, but this was pointed out to be potentially a false sight. To change the path would no-doubt cost too much but Cllr Pidgeon suggested we ask Cllr Tomkinson
Resolved – Clerk to email Cllr Tomkinson for suggestions about the path.
• The renewal of the Blackdown Hills Parish Network is due for renewal at £82.80 based on 414 parish electoral role members and 20p each.
Resolved – To renew our membership.
• To consider if we wish to apply for further Parishes Together Funding before we have completed the spend for the last round of funding provided.
Resolved – To apply using the quote obtained from Andy Podbury for the work in Rosshayne Lane
• Claire Gregory from Marsh is interested in becoming a Councillor at the next elections and would like to know when they are and the procedure for putting her name forward. Cllr Randle advised the elections will be April / May 2019 and there will be public notices at the time advising people what they need to do to apply.

8. Planning
To receive and endorse the Planning Decisions of the Council taken since last meeting under delegated authority.
• Ref. No: 17/2739/FUL – Hares Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9AZ
Change of use and works to convert traditional barns to four units of self-contained holiday accommodation together with the demolition of modern agricultural buildings. Status: Pending Consideration
• Ref. No: 17/2540/FUL – Court Place Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9BB
Proposed cubicle building for cattle and associated earthworks. Status: Pending Consideration
• Ref. No: 17/2541/FUL – Court Place Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9BB
Proposed parlour, dairy and cattle handling area and associated earthworks. Status: Pending Consideration
• Ref. No: 17/2542/FUL – Court Place Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9BB
Proposed covered feed building and associated earthworks. Status: Pending Consideration
• Ref. No 17/2627/FUL – Hares Farm, Yarcombe, Honiton, EX14 9AZ
Change of use of land and erection of stable building and store for private and livery use. Status: Pending Consideration.
• Ref. No 17/1519/MFUL – Broadley Farm, Yarcombe, Honiton, EX14 9BJ
Proposed free stall barn for cattle housing. Status Approval with Conditions

Cllr Long advised:
• Hares Farm does not fall under Yarcombe although the address is.
• The planning application at Broadley was supported although it is now acknowledged that the concrete walls (concrete slabs between the irons) take some time to weather and stay stark for quite some time. For future applications of this nature it ought to be considered to request screening is also provided. Also, as farms in the line of sight between Membury and Stockland are also applying for such buildings, we thought we could write to both Parish Councils with a view to having a co-ordinated and combined approach.
Resolved – Clerk to draft a letter for the Chairs consideration and distribution to both Stockland and Membury, cc the Blackdown Hills Parish Network and the District County Council.

To confirm the date of the next meeting being Monday 5th February at 8pm in The Jubilee Hall, Yarcombe

The Meeting closed at 9.05pm