June 2022 Clerk’s Report

Clerk's Reports Uploaded on July 18, 2022

Clerks Report and Supporting Information for the Agenda

Yarcombe Parish Council Clerks Report in June 2022 for the July meeting

Clerk Correspondence received and on-going issues during June relating to relevant issues for Yarcombe Parish Council:

  • General Notice of Registerable Interest for Lesley Myhill formally Lesley Pidgeon sent to Democratic Services at EDDC.
  • Signed Audit documents uploaded to PKF & website.
  • Notice for people to keep to and details about the footpaths sent to Miranda by Caroline Ford.
  • Spoke to Councillor Key who advised Dan Woods was covering for David Ashcroft sickness at Highways
  • Following the presentation to Sarah Jane at the June meeting she said thank you all very much for the most beautiful bouquet of flowers and Voucher for The Cotley which we shall very much enjoy! It has been really lovely working with you all over the past 6 years,
  • Commemorative jubilee tree had plaque adorned by David Little.
  • Matthew Tomkinson advised that very fast broadband has been installed in the village hall by Gigaclear.

They have provided us with their fastest business package completely free of charge.  This includes installation, equipment and connection of about 900 Mbps up and down.  If we had to pay for this package then it would have cost us £573 per month.  We get this for one year.  After nine months they will send me a survey to see how we are using it and obviously check to see how much we have downloaded.  If they like how much we are using it then they give us another year free of charge.  Obviously we want to keep with the free service so please do use it a lot.

Diane Frost

Clerk, Yarcombe Parish Council

Date 25th June 2022