February 2022 Clerk’s Report

Clerk's Reports Uploaded on April 2, 2022

Clerks Report and Supporting Information for the Agenda
Yarcombe Parish Council Clerks Report February 2022 for 7th March meeting

Clerk Correspondence received and on-going issues during February, relating to relevant issues for Yarcombe Parish Council:

• Police Report – email received from Pcso Darren England – I am now on a 6-week rural crime/engagement attachment covering East Devon. I hope to be out and about around East Devon visiting farms and villages. I will also be looking at our engagement for this year. I hope to have some news around a new rural engagement vehicle soon. If you have any events planned for this year, please can you send me the dates.
• High profile MP, Michael Gove supported the call for remote meetings to be held by Councils in a House of Commons debate. Mr Gove particularly emphasised the importance of holding online meetings for local councils with rural and dispersed populations.
• Liberty Couriers have been in touch concerning the repairs to the fence at footpath 19. It is going through a third-party insurance claim and they have advised they will be in touch.
• The CEO of EDDC offered the gift of an oak tree to plant for each Town and Parish Council to celebrate the Queens Jubilee. Yarcombe PC asked the village hall if they would like another to be planted in the hedge with the first oak tree we obtained but due to space, they declined. Yarcombe PC thanked EDDC for their offer and advised the PC didn’t hold any land which could be used.

Sarah-Jane Martin
Clerk, Yarcombe Parish Council
Date 26th February 2022