Agenda & Remote Clerks Report for April 2021 Meeting

2021 AgendasAgendas Uploaded on July 2, 2021

Yarcombe Parish Council Agenda, issued Saturday 3rd April 2021

Chairman: Cllr Clive Stone

Clerk: Sarah-Jane Martin
The Belfry, Yarcombe, Honiton, Devon EX14 9BD
Tel: 01404 861234 Email:

To: Cllrs Clive Stone, (Chairman), Steve Horner (Vice Chairman), David Barnes, Tony Long, David Little, Shaun Vining, Caroline Ford, Charlotte Vining, Lesley Pidgeon

All members of the Council are summoned to attend a meeting of Yarcombe Parish Council to be held remotely or via conference call on Monday 19th April at 8pm for the transaction of business as set out below.

Members of the Public Please Note: Due to the current HM Government’s measures for Covid-19, the Parish Council will meet virtually via Zoom. If any members of the public wish to raise a question for the meeting, they should contact the Clerk by Saturday 17th April latest by email, so it can be added to the Agenda.

The recording of this meeting is not permitted by either audio or visual without prior consent of the Council.

1. Apologies for Absence
Cllrs L Pidgeon, D Key (2 other meetings), I Chubb (as in Purdah due to DCC Election)

2. Declarations of Interest
To receive disclosures of pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests in items on the agenda.
disclosures of pecuniary

3. Minutes
To sign as a correct record the minutes of the remote Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 1st March 2021. This will be completed outside of the meeting.

4. Reports
To receive the following Reports
a. County Councillor
b. District Councillor
c. Police
d. Yarcombe Community Land Trust
e. Reports from Individual Councillors

5. Parish Council Priorities including Clerk and Correspondence
Annual Parish Meeting
Last year we advised under the Incoming Chair section that as an AGM was not held in 2020, all Councillor roles were carried forward to 2021 as agreed by electronic vote in favour from all the Councillors. Is it appropriate to vote on this again now for the next 12 months?
Village Amenities
New Website – Live, a small amount still to update and email addresses to start to be used
Landmark Tree – We shall postpone the placing of a Brass Plaque near the tree until we can meet outside.
Play Area – Any update?
Speed Camera – postponed until receipt of CIL monies
JCB Pro – Email received following Cllr Stone’s enquiry, the JCB Pro will not be suitable for our Devon lanes as the sub-base is insufficient. No more news on the Dragon Patcher although this is only suitable for dry roads.
Additional Items

Review of Standing Orders
Under review:
1. To include the formal delegation of making and submitting comments on planning applications to the Councillors who attend the site meetings which was granted to Cllr Tony Long in November 2019.
2. Where decisions such Notifications to Highways are within the above formal delegated Sub-Committee.
3. Handling Complaints
Diarised to order more next year.
Planters on layby
Helen Matthews is going “to bring the soil/compost level up in the planters (to hide the plastic liners and make the flowers more visible) and put in some Autumn/winter plants and tidy them up for the coming season and….. will keep them pruned and dead headed if it looks like no-one else is tending to them.”
Face to Face meetings
The Government has decided not to extend the legislation allowing Councils to hold remote meetings. There is currently a campaign to enable remote meetings and Clerk has completed an online survey which is running for 12 weeks from 26th March (ends mid-June). We shall need to plan for our June and July meetings to be in the village hall.
Cllr Stone proposes reducing the number of meetings within the 12 months to allow for the hopeful resolution of the above consultation. (A Parish Council must hold an annual meeting and at least three other meetings in a year).
We shall need to agree on the proposal emailed by Cllr Stone, to place within our Standing Orders, an increase in Delegated Powers to a sub-committee (min 3 people). This will enable decisions to be made with their delegated authority without the need of the full council and outside of the formal face to face meetings.
John Salter Award Nominations
As at the date of the Agenda, we have only had one nomination – consider the extension of the deadline until end of May?
Marsh Notice Board
Further Email received from Sandra Newton concerning the Marsh Notice Board “We now have a piece of the surrounding woodwork on our notice board hanging down and about to fall off . If it does then I suspect that it will let rain in etc. In fact, it’s beginning to look as if the whole board will shortly be in need of a complete overhaul or even a new Board!”

6. Open Session for Public Participation
Email from Mary Smith – with all these new residents, will the Parish Council be happy to work with the PCC and put on a Welcome Tea when we are allowed?

7. Finance
a. To receive the Clerks report on the current Financial Position
b. To approve payments as follows. Please note, Clerks Salary and payment to HMRC have been brought into line with the month end so the 12m accounts show the actuals.

Payment Date Payee Details of Payment Amount
31.03.21 HMRC March PAYE £59.80
31.03.21 Sarah-Jane Martin March Clerks wages £239.20
31.03.21 Clive Stone Chair Expenses £100.00
31.03.21 Tony Long Planning Councillor Expenses £50.00
31.03.21 Peter Tarrant Website updating for 2020-21 £35.00
31.03.21 Sarah-Jane Martin 12m Expenses £181.91
30.04.21 Sarah-Jane Martin April Clerks Wages 239.20
30.04.21 HMRC April PAYE 59.80
30.04.21 SLCC Membership 95.00
30.04.21 DALC Membership 116.33
30.04.21 Phil Holness Grass, Brambles and vegetation 120.00
30.04.21 Sarah-Jane Martin Dog fouling signs for Marsh 15.72

Date To Amount £ Details – Clerk Expenses:
19.04.2021 31.03.2021 £100.80 11 months Sage payroll software @ £7.2pm until 01.02.20 then £8.40 per month
09.05.20 £5.24 Dog Fouling Signs
08.08.20 £7.90 John Salter Shield Engraving
19.04.21 31.03.21 £6.99 Printer paper for year
19.04.21 31.03.21 £25.99 Ink cartridge for year
06.03.21 £34.99 Microphone for Chair during meetings

c. To approve the Year End Accounts, as we have a precept & expenditure of less than £25,000, Clerk seeks approval to declare YPC exempt from a Limited Assurance Review which means we declare ourselves exempt from sending the completed Annual Governance & Accountability Return to the external Auditor. Certificate of Exemption to be approved and recorded in minute reference YPC.Audit.2021.1 and signed by the RFO within the meeting. Chair to sign outside the meeting.

d. Section 1 – Annual Governance Statement, as circulated, this is to be approved and recorded as a minute reference YPC.Audit.2021.2 and signed by the RFO (by the Chair outside the meeting).

e. Section 2 – Accounting Statements 2020/21, as circulated, these have been certified and signed by the RFO ON 3rd April 2021 and they are to be approved by the Council and recorded in a minute reference YPC.Audit.2021.3 then signed by the Chair outside the meeting.

f. Propose to transfer balance of Lloyds account £443.28 to Unity Trust by writing out cheque then closing account – Cllrs David Barnes and Lesley Pigeon to sign cheque and account closure form

8. Planning
To receive and endorse the Planning Decisions of the Council taken since last meeting under delegated authority:
The formal delegation of making and submitting comments on planning applications to the Councillors who attend the site meetings, has been granted to Cllr Tony Long in November 2019. This is due to their being insufficient time before subsequent meetings to bring back comments to the Council for a full formal vote.
Cllr Long advised that during this time, site meetings have been held with a skeleton of Parish Council members, where he felt necessary and consequently hasn’t been inviting all the Parish Councillors to all the applications, due the present circumstances.
Roofing over slurry store (phase 1) – North Waterhayne Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9AX
Ref. No: 21/0759/FUL Status: Pending Consideration

Roofing over slurry store and yard area (phase 2) – North Waterhayne Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9AX
Ref. No: 21/0760/FUL Status: Pending Consideration

Construction of greenhouse. – Little Hay Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9BQ
Ref. No: 21/0593/FUL Status: Pending Consideration (Yarcombe Parish Council support this application. )

Erection of roof over existing agricultural slurry separation yard. – Newcott Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9ND
Ref. No: 21/0375/FUL Status: Pending Consideration

Agricultural storage building – Grovelands Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9BQ
Ref. No: 21/0050/AGR Status: Approval with conditions

New farm access – Stopgate Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9NB
Ref. No: 21/0862/FUL Status: Pending Consideration

Retention of a cement silo, water silo, site office and additional concrete area – Stopgate Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9NB
Ref. No: 21/0876/FUL Status: Pending Consideration

Land South of the Flintlock
Yarcombe Parish Council acknowledge and appreciate the amendment details that have been put in to the design and landscape and still unequivocally support this application.

Roofing over livestock yard area (phase 3). – North Waterhayne Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9AX
Ref. No: 21/0761/FUL Status: Pending Consideration

Roofing over silage clamp (phase 4). – North Waterhayne Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9AX
Ref. No: 21/0762/FUL Status: Pending Consideration

Roofing over silage clamp (phase 5) – North Waterhayne Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9AX
Ref. No: 21/0763/FUL Status: Pending Consideration

Roofing over silage clamp (phase 6). – North Waterhayne Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9AX
Ref. No: 21/0764/FUL Status: Pending Consideration

Proposed conversion, and extension, of existing outbuilding to form residential unit for ancillary use in association with main dwelling and change of use of agricultural land to garden (retrospective). – Moorpit Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9BG
Ref. No: 20/2702/FUL Status: Pending Decision

Replacement oil tank – Ryecroft Cottage Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9BD
Ref. No: 21/0968/FUL Status: Pending Consideration


Adjacent Parishes:
Covered agricultural yard – Newcott Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9ND
Ref. No: 21/0348/FUL Status: Approval – standard time limit

Erection of roof over existing agricultural slurry separation yard. – Newcott Farm Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9ND
Ref. No: 21/0375/FUL Status: Pending Decision

Retention of 1 no. internally illuminated totem pole sign – A303 Services Yarcombe Honiton EX14 9ND
Ref. No: 21/0236/ADV Status: Pending Consideration

The next meeting (APM & AGM) is scheduled for Tuesday 4th May and will be held remotely as per our current guidelines issued by the National Association of Councils.


Clerks Report and Supporting Information for the Agenda

Yarcombe Parish Council Remote Clerks Report due to COVID-19

1st-30TH April


Finance – Update on current Financial Situation:


Bank account balances as at 30.04.21

Lloyds £443.28

Unity Trust C/A & Instant Access £11,638.34

Cash Book Balance at 30.04.21 (Bank, less pending payments)     12,081.62
Less Ringfenced:
 1. Money allocated for P3 expenditure 1,499.87
 2. Money allocated for Highways / Village Maintenance 141.30
 3. Election Costs 600.00
Yarcombe Inn Community Project – Illustrated History of The Yarcombe Inn


Remainder of Balance after above Ringfenced monies 9,283.76


Clerk Correspondence received during April relating to relevant issues for Yarcombe Parish Council:


  • Email received from Sandra Newton in Marsh concerning Dog Fouling. We have one yellow “Your dog did his duty…now you do yours” sign left which I have offered her and can get some more.  Also sent the link for reporting dog fouling and added the problem with the bins, is that if the walker walks past the bin, they won’t go back and use it.  Plus they are very expensive and we don’t have this in our budget for this next year.  They currently cost approximately £150 for supply and installation and £200 per year to empty.
  • emailed concerning the draft Community Asset Transfer Procedure and inviting responses via the on-line  web consultation form by Sunday 25thApril (email attached).   Due to the week of national mourning, please note that the consultation period has been extended to Sunday 2nd
  • Notification received from DALC that under s243 of the Local Government Act 1972,  the eight days of the mourning period must be excluded in the calculation of the 3 clears notice required for council meetings.  Therefore, those councils holding meetings scheduled this week or next, may find they have not got the required 3 clear days notice for their meeting to go ahead, and some meetings may need to be postponed. We requested clarification as we issued our Agenda on 3rd April for Monday 12th but then deferred our meeting until Monday 19th – same Agenda, just a deferred date.  Confirmation was received that so long as documentation is absolutely clear when the notice was published, and when the meeting will be held. A notice published on the 3rd will have had the sufficient 3 clear days-notice for a meeting to be held on the 19th.
  • Email From NALC – NALC chair Cllr Sue Baxter sent condolences on behalf of the sector on Friday — “It is with great sadness that the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has learned of the death of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh. I know that those in the local (parish and town) council sector would join me in extending their condolences to Her Majesty The Queen and members of the Royal Family”. Sue has subsequently written to HRH The Princess Royal, who attended our Annual Conference in 2019, expressing sympathy for her father’s death.
  • Highways have inspected the road between Drakes Meadow and the Terrier Racing field concerning the hole on the right-hand side and the information has been sent to the R & R team to see if they can do anything as a safety defect.


  • Response received from the EDDC Revenues Officer regarding the precept increase of 0.5% showing on the council tax bills for residents of Yarcombe and is explained as follows: “…..the precept amount for Yarcombe was unchanged from the previous year at £6065. The individual amount per resident in calculated on the number of Band D properties which may have changed slightly during the past year. This has resulted in the minor change to the individual charge”.



Sarah-Jane Martin

Clerk, Yarcombe Parish Council

Date 30th April 2021